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Way Motor Works :: 02-06 Cooper S (R53) :: 17% Supercharger Pulley WMW

17% Supercharger Pulley WMW

17% Supercharger Pulley WMW 
The WayMotorWorks custom 17% MINI Cooper Supercharger pulley for R53 MINI Cooper S increases the rotating speed of the supercharger by reducing the diameter of the pulley driving your supercharger.
Our design has the following features not found on other pulleys:
A 2 piece collet style design utilizing 4 bolts to lock the pulley to the supercharger shaft.
Taller lips on the front and back to ensure the belt stays put while driving and for easier belt installation.
Made in the USA

Four jack bolt holes to allow for reduced weight and to ensure proper installation.
The WMW supercharger pulley is CNC machined from the highest quality stainless steel to exacting tolerances for perfect balance. The 17% size reduction supercharger pulley is widely accepted as a great balance between performance gains and engine longevity. For the R53 Mini Cooper S this is definitely the best HP for your buck modification!
Install instructions HERE


Fits 2002-2003 Cooper S R53
Fits 2002-2006 Cooper S R53
Fits 2005-2006 JCW Hardtop R53
Fits 2005-2008 Cabrio S R52
Fits 2005-2008 JCW Cabrio R52
SKU 17wmwpulley
Shipping Cost $6.00
Price: $99.00


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Product rating


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Customer Reviews

Author: Rita Burgues
Way Motor Works installed a pulley on my 06 MINI Cooper S a few months ago and since then my driving experience has been enhanced tremendously. I already loved the agility of my MINI before the pulley was installed, but now it flies. I would strongly recommend this mod to R53 MINI Cooper S owners!

Author: Jeremy C
Way installed my 17% pulley and the results have been great. I look forward to the next steps in peformance enhancment of my R53. Thanks Way!

Author: Grant Glidewell
I've been running this pulley for months now. be sure to use the puller tool, it will make life easier. dont hesitate, get it!

Author: C.I.
Jason @ WMW just installed the 17% pulley on my R53. At first I have to admit and I did not notice a difference. But once on the highway, it quickly jumped when i stepped on the accelerator! Well worth the installation and recommend it. Ad great service and crew. Thanks guys.

Author: John K
I added this one to my GP because it is smaller than the JCW already on my car. I took it for a test drive after Waylen installed it and came back with a BIG smile. Enough said!

Author: Vuth Sam (vuth.sam@outlook.com)
My buddy Tony, brother-in-law Tuan, and myself all have the 17% pulley from WMW for over a year now and it still puts a smile on our faces. The pulley is built with quality and ease of installation for DIYer's. The pulley lip ensures that the belt doesn't slip and makes a much louder supercharger whine now. It definitely lightens the gas pedal feel. We strongly recommend for the r53. We've installed this on 2 05' S and 1 04' S.



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