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Way Motor Works :: Exterior :: 3rd Brake light Pulsar kit

3rd Brake light Pulsar kit

3rd Brake light Pulsar kit 
3rd Brake Light Pulsar kit for MINI Cooper
These units will flash your third center brake light about after you apply your brakes and then brake light will remain on without flashing as long as your brake lights are on.

Using surface mount technology, this little unit was designed to be as small as we could get it for our MINI's and it fits nicely into the third brake light cavity.

The pulsar module allows you to select Long or Short pulse duration during installation by moving the jumper by the S and L. The Short setting pulses the light about 6 times while the Long pulses it about 10 times.

After getting many requests from owners who live in high stop and go traffic areas like Los Angeles, we developed the second generation PULSAR with SmartPulse technology. When in stop and go traffic, SmartPulse will stop the third brake light from pulsating. When you hold your brake pedal down for more than 12 seconds and then reapply your brake within 9 seconds, this unit will not pulse the third brake light. It will come on solid. When you reapply your brakes after 12 seconds, the unit will pulse your third brake light again.

If you do not wish to have the SmartPulse enabled, simply remove the jumper at J4 and the unit will behave like a gen1 PULSAR.

Installation is very simple. Unscrew your third light, connect to the wiring and reinstall the light.

Fits All MINIs
SKU brakepulsar
Shipping Cost $5.00
Price: $29.95


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