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Way Motor Works :: Maintenance :: Bavarian Technic PRO Diagnostic Software

Bavarian Technic PRO Diagnostic Software

Bavarian Technic PRO Diagnostic Software 
Finally! Diagnostic software for BMWs and MINIs. Covers all new Minis, R50-R57! And it talks to all the subsystems, not just the OBD-II system. This software even lets you modify the service interval count and mileage! It can read and clear fault codes from all modules that "talk" via the diagnostic bus including the ABS system (airbag light). All normal OBD-II functions are supported as well. It will do real time data logging from modules that support it.
Pro version has no VIN limit and includes the command consol. It also supports module coding.
OBD-II Codes and Datalogging
The software will read and reset normal OBD-II (emissions related) trouble codes that trigger the check engine light. The sofware will also display and log real time streaming data.

Service Interval Modification
This is my favorite function! The software can change the service count and remailing mileage for oil, front and rear brake pads, brake fluid and general service! Just tell the software the remaining percentage and presto, it's changed! Great if you do your own oil and brake jobs.

Air Bag System Checks
No more dealer visits to reset the pesky air bag light! Great for those track rats that have aftermarket seats. Also, the fault codes will let you know what circuit is creating the fault condition for troubleshooting at home.

Tons of other subsystems!
The software can scan all of the subsystems of the car and report and clear all fault codes present. Great for the shade-tree mechanic that doesn't visit the dealer too often.

Free Software Updates!
Software can be updated for free with a simple web download. Cable firmware can be updated as well!

Fits All MINIs
SKU BavarianTechnicPRODiagSoftware
Price: $674.95


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