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Way Motor Works :: Handling :: Suspension :: Braces/Bushings :: BSH Lower Engine Mount R56

BSH Lower Engine Mount R56

BSH Lower Engine Mount R56 
BSH Lower engine mount for your 2007+ R55, R56, R57 R58 R59 Cooper and Cooper S. If you want to make your engine rock less. This is a direct replacement lower engine mount that will firm up the engine and transmission. This mount completely replaces the stock MINI lower engine mount. Made from T-6061 machined aluminum and filled solid with polyurethane.

This harder BSH lower engine mount will transmit more vibration to the cabin. Just part of the trade off of stiffening up your engine.


Fits 2007-2010 Cooper R56
Fits 2007-2010 Cooper S R56
Fits 2008-2010 Clubman R55
Fits 2008-2010 Clubman S R55
Fits 2009-2011 Cabrio R57
Fits 2009-2011 Cabrio S R57
Fits 2009-2014 JCW Hardtop R56
Fits 2009+ JCW Cabrio R57
Fits 2009-2014 JCW Clubman R55
Fits 2011-2014 Cooper R56
Fits 2011-2014 Cooper S R56
Fits 2011-2014 Clubman R55
Fits 2011-2014 Clubman S R55
Fits 2011+ Cabrio R57
Fits 2011+ Cabrio S R57
Fits 2012+ Coupe R58
Fits 2012+ Coupe S R58
Fits 2012+ JCW Coupe R58
Fits 2012+ Roadster R59
Fits 2012+ Roadster S R59
Fits 2012+ JCW Roadster R59
SKU bshr56mount
Shipping Cost $9.00
Price: $124.95


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Customer Reviews

Author: Kalvin Gautama
The race version throws be back in my seat from 3500 RPM to redline. Very cool and easy to install. BSH made a quality and affordable part with this one!

Author: Jose P
Installed the street version and went out for a drive. Can't wait until the mount is fully broken in but it's a quality part and transforms the car!

Author: Ceyon Woods (ceyonwoods@hotmail.com)
Installed street version. Expect a little vibration when grabbing first for the first time. Vibration smooths out with higher RPM. Very smooth on the high way and even in non sport mode the vehicle overall feels stronger. Everything feels more direct, no delay felt after stepping on the accelerator. Shifting seems smooter and greatly improved, no more hunting for gates. As for cabin vibration its almost like getting a mild exhaust upgrade, improved interior sound. Overall you feel more connected to the vehicle. I really like it.

Author: John Robison (john_r@12claws.com)
Enjoyed the way it changed the car but had to take it out due to passenger complaints. Lots of additional noise and vibration.

Author: Rawlins Goldston (jontrel3132@gmail.com)
Just installed on my 09 Factory JCW. Pros- really connects the driver to the machine, excellent shifting improvement, syncs the engine to the car for a more efficient power transfer. Cons- MAJOR vibration (settles in time), increased interior noise. If you're serious about performance, then it's a must have.



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