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Way Motor Works :: Interior :: Chimex from Cravenspeed

Chimex from Cravenspeed

Chimex from Cravenspeed 
Imagine you are leaving the grocery store with some things you picked up for dinner. Its not much but the steak and the two bottles of wine are heavy (what?..you are not eating alone). You get in your Mini, put the items on the passenger seat because it is easy and you can make sure that the flowers you bought for the table won't get smashed when you take a corner in your kart. Then as you pull out of the parking lot your Mini starts beeping away because it thinks your steak is a small child without a seat belt. You can't reach the other side of the car, but luckily The Chimex is right there so you plug it in and turn of that chime without even taking your eyes off the road.

  • It takes no effort to install.
  • It saves time over opening the boot
  • You take control back from The Man

You have to unplug it before you buckle in a passenger
This product is not intended to, designed to nor should be used to disable a safety device within your vehicle. Craven Speed recommends wearing a seat belt at all times.

Fits All MINIs
SKU Chimex
Shipping Cost $4.95
Price: $20.00


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chimex installed

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Product rating


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Customer Reviews

Author: Claud
Our 2007 X3 has been a trial for my wife since we bought it new. Any weight on the passenger seat set off the seatbelt alarm. I was so happy to hear the click as the Chime4x engageded!!

Author: Garrett Crout (garrettec@gmail.com)
great product, purchased for r60 ALL4, just FYI both pics show the unit with a lanyard attached but it does not come with a lanyard.



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