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Way Motor Works :: 14+ F56 Cooper S :: F56 Cooper S B48 NM Power Module

F56 Cooper S B48 NM Power Module

F56 Cooper S B48 NM Power Module 
F56 MINI Cooper S B48 NM Power Tuning Module. With the brand new F56 MINI Cooper S WMW knows you want more power without having to buy a ton of parts, or crack open your ECU. This piggy back style module and wiring harness kit allows you to plug into the Mass Air Sensor of the B48 engine to have this add on module adjust parameters and allow the engine to make more power. The NM Power Module is an all new propriatery tune box designed specifically for the F56, not some rebranded 3rd party product for the BMWs. It is a plug and play box that intercepts the T-MAP sensor and can be installed or removed within minutes without any detection. The electrical components are housed in a billet aluminum enclosure which is protected from the elements and is designed and manufactured to be positioned within the engine bay of your vehicle. The wire harness is manufactured using automotive quality wiring which is both oil and heat resistant, and has the same OE water proof connectors as used on your engine.


Two position switch:

LOW: 91+ Premium Fuel (+23HP/+23TQ)
HIGH: 100+ Octane Fuel (+44HP/+34TQ)

Allows ECU to remain in control of boost
The actual boost is increased by a precise amount
Boost is increased in a gradual, progressive fashion
Correct Air/Fuel mixture maintained from the wide band O2 and closed loop mode of the ECU
Ignition timing optimized by the ECU
Retain factory engine safety protocols
Not effected by ECU reprogramming by the dealer
Plug-and-play intercept at T-MAP sensor connector location
Installation or removal can be completed in a few minute
No trace Power Module was ever there after removal
Power Module can be sold or transfered to another vehicle of the same engine type.
And since your new F56 MINI is still under warranty you can remove this before taking the car back into the dealer for service so they don't know you had it and give you any grief.

Kit includes:
Tuning module and wiring harness to install.


SKU F56NMTuningModule
Shipping Cost $12.00
Price: $379.95


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