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Way Motor Works :: Performance :: Pulleys :: Fluid Damper Crank Pulley R50

Fluid Damper Crank Pulley R50

Fluid Damper Crank Pulley R50 
Fluid Damper Crank Pulley for R50 MINI Cooper non S and R52 Cabrio non S

This is a direct replacement for a failed R50 MINI Cooper crank pulley. This is also slightly undersized to cut down on rotational mass. It is a fluid filled damper rather than the OEM rubber bonded damper that fails as the rubber ages and drys out. The Fluid damper will also have superior dampening over the stock to increase bearing and oil pump life while maintaining performance.

PRW Fluid Dampers are made with an internal steel intertia ring that is surrounded by a high viscosity silicone gel. The internal intertia ring "floats" in the silicone gel to combat the engine harmonics at all RPM ranges. Crankshaft and bearing life is significantly improved and safely increases torque and horsepower.

Includes threaded bore holes to mount a crank trigger on the face of the damper, thereby allowing ignition timing to be controlled and adjusted externally.

Superior steel forgings and CNC machining ensure consistent finishes and tolerances. The fluid dampening design enhances smooth blower operation, and preserves main bearing life for engines that are tuned to perform far above factory specifications. These dampers are SFI certified to 12,500 RPM.

WMW recommends replacing the crank bolt anytime it is removed.  We do have them in stock HERE


Fits 2002-2003 Cooper R50
Fits 2002-2006 Cooper R50
Fits 2005-2008 Cabrio R52
SKU R50fluiddamper
Shipping Cost $13.00
Price: $249.00

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Author: Doug
Pulley was a pain to get on cause no threads in the pulley for an installer to thread into. Had to boil the pulley up, and use different size 12mm bolts till I got it on completely. 12mm bolts are the ones that threaded into the engine. Atleast thats the size my engine took. I have a 2003 mini cooper base.



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