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Way Motor Works :: Handling :: Suspension :: Links, Control Arms :: H-Sport Rear Camber Links

H-Sport Rear Camber Links

H-Sport Rear Camber Links 
Hotchkis Sport Rear Camber Links are perfect for lowered Minis. They have an adjustment range from zero to negative four degrees for increased rear grip. The Sport Rear Camber Links are designed and tested to suit any street or track environment.

Each Link is simply adjusted by loosening the lock nuts and then rotating the hex center for more or less camber. The Hsport Camber Links themselves are made up of two tubular steel outer arms with a billet aluminum hex center. The polyurethane bushings can be greased by utilizing the zerk fittings at each end. Durable, yet highly functional, the Sport Camber Links give you the freedom to set your Mini's rear camber at any setting.
Now come all black for a cleaner look.

Price is for one pair of 2 camber links


SKU hsportcamberlinks
Shipping Cost $15.00
Price: $269.95


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WMW sells a lot of them as  you can tell

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Product rating



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Customer Reviews

Author: ChrisC
These are the best control arms. I previously had bought another brand with heim joints and within a month they were noisey and had play in the joints. Should have bought these the first time.

Author: TL
Replaced Alta's that I had replaced the heim joints on as well. Should have bought these the 1st time.

Author: Duane Deines
Great Quality! They look good too! Easy to install.

Author: DavidN
Installed a little over a month ago.
Safety went up. No more fear of tires blowing out. Specially when i just put some fresh continentals on.

Now I live in icey region, and of course my car is now back in the shop due to ice taking my car into a curb (5mph on ice drasitcally damaged my mini...)

So i havent really been able to enjoy it to the fullest potential...Though driving on the highway i really feel safer when i was driving at 75mph+

Thanks way for having awesome parts and knowledgeable staff.

Author: Ketan Shah
Installed these on my 2012 Mini Countryman S. Great control arms. Great Quality!

Author: Frank Martin
These are great on my mini. Easy installation, made adjusting the camber Super easy!



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