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LightInSight is a unique new product that solves a problem many drivers have faced, without any costly equipment or installation. LightInSight is a clear windshield mounted fresnel lens for assisting drivers in seeing traffic lights that would not be in the driver's normal field of view.

Many drivers can be seen at traffic lights, scrunching down, craning their necks to see the light changes above them. LightInSight can help! It is especially helpful for taller drivers, drivers in smaller cars, drivers with mobility problems, (such as a neck or back problems) delivery vans and trucks.

Let's talk about Traffic Safety.

LightInSight can help you avoid accidents! Every driver has tried to turn left and found oncoming traffic preventing them. So, we wait for the light to turn and then we proceed. Most accidents occur at intersections, so if you're staring at the light, waiting for it to change you can't be watching the traffic around you. Drivers find themselves not having to take their eyes off of the intersection, to proceed safely through, when using their LightInSight.

LightInSight is self-adhering, easily removable, and reusable. It is installed at the top of the windshield, using only a wet paper towel or clean rag. LightInSight is made of optical quality, flexible, vinyl and measures approximately 7" by 1 1/2". U.S. patent #6,108,141 was issued in August 2000.


Fits All MINIs
SKU lightinsight
Shipping Cost $3.00
Price: $28.99


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Detailed images

Light in Sight installed in R59 MINI Roadster near mirror

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Customer Reviews

Author: Mr Skurvy
I am tall. I can not see lights without this thing... Spend the money its well worth it!

Author: AT Miller (hbeat1@hotmail.com)
If you sit high in your seat or are over 5" 10" you need this product. No more leaning forward to see the stop light. I've had mine since 2001.

Author: K.S. 7-23-15
I am 6'3" and this item works great!!! It does just what it claims. NO REGRETS. And "WAY" was a big help in all my purchases.

Author: Larry Schultz (Schultzlarry03@yahoo.com)
My wife and I have one in all of our MINIs. Excellent product.



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