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Way Motor Works :: 07+ Cooper S (R56) :: MINI Cooper S Hood Heatshield R55 R56 R57

MINI Cooper S Hood Heatshield R55 R56 R57

MINI Cooper S Hood Heatshield R55 R56 R57 
NEW Hood Heatshield. If you have an R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 MINI Cooper S then this is a must have and it's cheap. For those of you who have been affected by the warping hood scoop due to excessive turbo heat, this new hood mounted heatshield has been developed. It simply mounts to the hood with two supplied mounting clips and covers the back half of the scoop to reflect heat away from the scoop and prevent warping. No drilling or cutting required to install, only takes less than 5 minutes to install.

Kit comes with
  • 1 hood mounted heatshield
  • 2 mounting clips
  • WMW has found that MINI has changed the hood at some point in 2012 so this my not work on 2012 and newer. Please verify it will work before ordering to avoid restocking fees.


    Fits 2007-2010 Cooper S R56
    Fits 2008-2010 Clubman S R55
    Fits 2009-2011 Cabrio S R57
    Fits 2009-2014 JCW Hardtop R56
    Fits 2009+ JCW Cabrio R57
    Fits 2009-2014 JCW Clubman R55
    Fits 2011-2014 Cooper S R56
    Fits 2011-2014 Clubman S R55
    Fits 2011+ Cabrio S R57
    Fits 2012+ Coupe S R58
    Fits 2012+ JCW Coupe R58
    Fits 2012+ Roadster S R59
    Fits 2012+ JCW Roadster R59
    SKU HoodHeatshield
    Shipping Cost $7.50
    Price: $26.00


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    Hood Heatshield and clips

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    Customer Reviews

    Author: MaverickGun
    It works great! Install was easy, although I'll admit I had a little trouble mounting it until I realized you needed to remove the plastic screw from the mounting clips and then try to screw it in. I felt like a bit of a bonehead after that. I have this installed in conjunction with the NM Engineering heat shield since I felt it could have done a better job keeping the heat away from the scoop. After a drive, my scoop was cool to the touch. This is an inexpensive mod that simply works without any muss or fuss.

    Author: Ryan Hicks
    Works as it should. Installed last night on my 2011 MCS, and drove the car this morning. My hood scoop was cool to touch. I'd say luke warm.

    Took me a minute to figure out how to the get the tabbed end of the heat shield to sit properly in the scoop area. Possibly shipping a one page diagram with this would be helpful. Made me feel really dumb trying to figure that out. Once you get that it's pretty easy from there. I am kind of worried about the plastic mounting tabs that come with it to secure it into the holes under the hood. They seem a little loose, and I think they might end up coming out down the road by their self.

    Author: Chris Diel
    Why Mini hasn\'t provided one yet is a mystery, or maybe not. A simple solution to simple problem. It took care of the issue on our \'07.

    Author: BRGFAN
    Just installed - it should help, but the two little molly-screws provided are very cheap, do not hold it very securely, and I'm expecting that it will rattle against the hood.

    Author: Stevens
    This installation have no problems for turbo fonction



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