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Way Motor Works :: Interior :: Gauges :: Scangauge II

Scangauge II

Scangauge II 
The ScanGaugeII is an extremely compact automotive computer designed to read and display information about your vehicle in real time.

Simply connect the ScanGaugeII to your vehicle through it's OBDII port using the included cable, turn the ignition key and the ScanGaugeII automatically connects to your cars internal computer - it's that simple.

There are 30+ gauges you can display, but the scangauge also allows you to add other gauges by programming in extra codes from their website.

The main gauges I recommend are:
  • #1 Coolant temp, scangauge gives it down to the degree, you can watch the thermostat open and the temp drop with that and the fan coming on.
  • #2 Intake air temp, this will tell you how well your intercooler is working along with the amount of heat the supercharger is creating
  • #3 Corrected MPH, you can calibrate for different tire sizes and errors
  • #4 Ignition timing, check timing
  • #5 Boost, done through using the MAP sensor, it will display it in absolute, or you can program to actual. These are the most used gauges. Along with being able to read codes, clear codes and figure all sorts of fuel mileage functions.

  • WMW Exclusive:  All our Scangauge II come preprogrammed for 2007+ MINI functions
    EOP- Engine Oil Pressure (ONLY on N18 engine and F56 MINIs)
    TFT- Transmission Fluid Temp (Auto Trans ONLY)
    EOT- Engine Oil Temperature
    A/F- Air Fuel Ratio
    FRP- Fuel Rail Pressure (PSI)
    ENG- Engine Temperature


    Fits All MINIs
    SKU scangauge
    Shipping Cost $7.00
    Price: $159.00


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    Customer Reviews

    Author: Mark Mahoney
    Excellent product, Excellent price.. wish I had bought one for my other minis. See my review.


    Author: Mr Skurvy
    Use it all the time. Can program it do calculate BHP and many other interesting measurements. Code scanner lets me know if its just an O2 sensor or something more dire.

    Author: Lyndell Webb
    Since the Mini has no gauges except a Tach the scangaugeII is an excellent way to monitor a lot of functions.

    Author: john f
    Excellent and programmed, fysa on the n18 oil pressure is OPR and not EOP.

    Author: Ryan: R60 S All4
    Peace of mind! A definite must-have for any mini. So nice to see more real time metrics and also always have a diagnostic tool handy!



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