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Way Motor Works :: Performance :: Exhaust :: WMW Stratmosphere Catback Exhaust R53 Hardtop

WMW Stratmosphere Catback Exhaust R53 Hardtop

WMW Stratmosphere Catback Exhaust R53 Hardtop 
If you have an 02-06 R53 MINI Cooper S this is the catback exhaust you want. The stratmosphere is the most beautiful exhaust on the market in every way. The look, the sound, the fitment, the craftsmanship. You get dialed-in fitment with hand-finished components by the builder topped off by double-chrome stainless WMW tips. This system is extremely easy to fit very quickly and behaves with a sound that everyone will enjoy. Systems are fully stainless inside and out and have been tested and verified at our USA headquarters. This is a full catback exhaust system.  It bolts directly to the flange behind the factory cat so no cutting or welding is required and your emissions is NOT effected.  The stratmosphere catback is made entirely of stainless steel so it will most likely outlast the car.  This MINI Cooper S catback exhaust will improve the exhaust flow while balancing the back pressure to give you maximum torque gains.  But at the same time this exhaust will give you a nice tone, a little louder than stock, and no ricey honda sound.  Also is has NO DRONE on the highway, a big plus as this is a common problem with most other exhausts.  Way Motor Works uses this exhaust on his person car, and 2 other family members MINI's, so that says alot.

Fits 2002-2003 Cooper S R53
Fits 2002-2006 Cooper S R53
Fits 2005-2006 JCW Hardtop R53
SKU R53wmwexhaust
Shipping Cost $50.00
Price: Call for current price

Resonated or Non Resonated
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Customer Reviews

Author: ChrisC
Noticed a nice little power gain and the sound is great not too loud and no drone. It also fit great.

Author: Jason B
I simply adore the build quality and I'm simply astonished that a stainless exhaust could actually be lighter than the stock.

Tips: I highly recommend just cutting the old exhaust out as that was the slowest part and ended up tearing a mount by not doing so! Also slide the center clamp on the mid section before inserting and mounting the center piece!

Author: Glen Van Norman
Amazing cat back system. Noticeable increase in torque. Volume and tone is perfect, mellow at cruise and idle with no drone but aggressive at wide open throttle. Very nice fit.

Author: Mike Thompson
Looks good, sounds good. No fitment issues and well constructed.

Author: Matthew Brady
Great recommendation from Way. Fitment was perfect. Sound is great, mellow and throaty with absolutely no droning at speed. It took me longer to remove the old system than to install the new one!

Author: Jim Clancy
The exhaust sound has soul, but don't expect anything much louder than the stock Mini. It is smoother, deeper and you will find yourself wrapping it up to 4K off the line on a regular basis. More Torque, maybe...but it doesn't sound as "desperate" as the stock version between 3k-4k so you tend to hit it harder. Beauty? Solid stainless beneath the car and a very classy "WMW" set of wings on each of the two pipes. No drone on the highway -- and I've checked! Two weeks after installation by Way, I've noticed a marked increase in rival "sports cars" trying to rev their engines. Don't take the bait, drive off low, cool and smooth because they can't duplicate this sound. (You're not going to take that advice, are you?)

Author: jake gilmore
love the exhaust,its actually really quiet until you put your foot in it then it sounds amazing

Author: Peter
I gotta say, I don't think it's wishful thinking either, but I definitely noticed a torque and horsepower gain with this exhaust. I got the resonated version and it's not much louder then stock till you put your foot down as another reviewer mentioned. Beautifully made. Mine is a tad tight on the chrome tips at the rear exit but have no issues. Well worth it I think.



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