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Way Motor Works :: Performance :: Pulleys :: Tensioner Stop

Tensioner Stop

Tensioner Stop 
The DT Tensioner Stop is cheapest insurance you can get. Many of the stops on the market do not allow you to fully de-tension the belt tensioner for service. The DT is flexible but strong cable allows the full movement needed in the tensioner. Should your belt brake, the stop will keep everything together. The large flat ends also allow extra protection for the shocks rubber bushings. The ends keep the bushings protected and in place. No more looking at your tensioner only to find the bushings are ripped and working their way out.
Each uses a cable rated for 340 lbs, crimped, and soldered for good measure. The first units were tested on a car with a 4% crank pulley. We took off the belt and let it go to check for clearance. With the tensioner fully extended, you will have about 1/8 of an inch before the tab that runs through the spring hits the spring limiter and breaks.
WMW is NO LONGER STOCKING THIS PART. After several failures we decided we can no longer offer this part. Please check out this new WMW tensioner stop that can't come apart.

Fits 2002-2003 Cooper S R53
Fits 2002-2006 Cooper S R53
Fits 2005-2006 JCW Hardtop R53
Fits 2005-2008 Cabrio S R52
Fits 2005-2008 JCW Cabrio R52
SKU tenstop
Shipping Cost $6.00
Price: $20.00

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Product rating


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Customer Reviews

Author: Mr Skurvy
Insurance is what I call this... If you don't want to have to replace the tensioner and crank pulley in the event of a belt failure this is the best insurance you can get

Author: Ofioliti
VERY inexpensive insurance, and easy install if you have or can borrow a belt (de)tensioner tool.

Author: Andy
I installed this item and it failed within 6 months from driving to work. This item is cheap but not worth it. Buy the WMW version. It is a much better design and for the difference in price it is worth every penny.



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