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Way Motor Works :: 02-06 Cooper S (R53) :: Performance :: Drivetrain :: Clutch, Transmission :: Valeo Clutch and Flywheel kit R53

Valeo Clutch and Flywheel kit R53

Valeo Clutch and Flywheel kit R53 
Valeo Single Mass Clutch and Flywheel Kit is a cost effective replacement for your 02-06 R53 MINI Cooper S or 2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper S Convertible. This Valeo clutch and flywheel kit is a little different than your original clutch. The Biggest difference is it's a single mass solid steel flywheel, the original MINI flywheel was dual mass flywheel. This makes the clutch different too. With this new single mass flywheel the springs to dampen clutch engagement are now part of the clutch. On the dual mass setup the springs are in the flywheel.

This entire kit weights 35lbs, the stock dual mass setup weights 37lbs.

Kit Includes
1 single mass flywheel
1 pressure plate
1 set pressure plate bolts
1 sprung hub clutch
1 throwout bearing
1 set of flywheel bolts

This is the perfect setup if you are Converting a standard Cooper to a 6spd manual trans.


Fits 2002-2006 Cooper S R53
Fits 2005-2006 JCW Hardtop R53
Fits 2005-2008 Cabrio S R52
Fits 2005-2008 JCW Cabrio R52
SKU Valeo clutch1
Shipping Cost $35.00
Price: $449.99

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Product rating


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Customer Reviews

I shopped around for a while to find a clutch worthy of all the work. I went with the Valeo for several reasons.
1) Valeo manufactures the factory clutch.
2. The OEM DMF is POS, after reading around online I came to the conclusion that if the OEM clutch canít even last 50k whatís the sense of putting it back in. ďdonít be stupid and reinstall an OEMĒ
3) Other conversions and sport clutches either make noise or burn out really quick.

So how does it feel?? Light like a Honda or VW clutch. It grabs good! No slipping! Look around on the internet you while find only good reviews about this set up. Again do yourself a favor and buy this kit. Its cheep and gives you the peace of mind that itís not going to fail like the OEM DMF. I would also suggest having your clutch slave and control arm bushings done why youíre at it. Saves $$$$$$$$$$$$

Author: Eric Nyberg (eric_nyberg@tomwood.com)
I purchased this setup for my 05 R53 with 117k miles in 2013. Now it is 2017, and with 172K miles, it still feels solid. This was the best purchase I have made with my r53.



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