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Way Motor Works :: Performance :: Intakes :: WAY/DDM Cooper Intake R50

WAY/DDM Cooper Intake R50

WAY/DDM Cooper Intake R50 
Yes, you read that right! A cold air intake for the R50 MINI Cooper NON S! Is your Cooper feeling neglected because all of the aftermarket intakes are designed for the "S"? Not any longer- DDM and Way Motor Works have designed a CAI just for you. Get a boost in power and a sexy growl from under the hood.

Fits 2002-2003 Cooper R50
Fits 2002-2006 Cooper R50
Fits 2005-2008 Cabrio R52
SKU R50intake
Shipping Cost $28.00
Price: $199.00


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Product rating


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Customer Reviews

Author: J-wil
man...... this intake is sick. When you press that pedal on 2nd gear the car takes off and sounds amazing. I no longer drive with my music on lol

Author: J Brogan
Such an amazing intake well worth it money. It took a little over 3 hours to get this on because you have to remove the resonance box, but it was totally worth it!. It has a unique loe subtle growl at 2nd gear or 2k rmps for the auto. You wont even want to listen to music after this!!

Author: Scott Rutledge
This intake is great!!! It does provide a wonderful sound and the power increase is awesome!! Only intake for the R50 you should consider.

Author: Andy Kauffman (andy.kauffman@gmail.com)
I am glad I purchased this intake, but man was it a frustrating install. Not so much the *install* part, but getting that frickin' lower resonator box out. The instructions give you the choice of cutting it with a hacksaw or prying it out. I could get neither. I finally got out a tiny little saw and my dremel and did my best Junior Dexter job on it. I was able to cut the box roughly in half... thankfully the metal intake box hides my crimes.

I still couldn't get that damn lower resonator out, even if you gave me $100.

If you can afford it, just drop your car off at a shop with the parts. Let someone else deal with it. :)

LOVE the sound though. It's throaty and doesn't whistle like some other intakes I've had. The install was a piece of cake once you get the old crap out - rubber hose to metal elbow, and filter. Off of the metal elbow there's a vent hose that attaches to the valve cover. That's it!



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