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Way Motor Works :: Handling :: Suspension :: Sway Bars :: WMW Countryman R60 Rear Sway Bar

WMW Countryman R60 Rear Sway Bar

WMW Countryman R60 Rear Sway Bar 
WMW Countryman R60 22mm Rear Sway Bar. After long time testing and fitting we have come up with the perfect suspension upgrade for your 2WD or ALL 4 Countryman MINI. Our WMW 22mm rear sway bar will reduce the body roll and make your countryman more neutral in the corners. Our solid 22mm bar is powdercoated black so that it is stealth to your dealer to avoid any attitude they may want to give you. It comes with 2 adjustments, we were going to do 3 but after thought we realized that 99% of customers never use the 3rd adjustment but also if you ran it full stiff the end of the bar would bind on the trailing arm causing big issues or failure. And finally the greased poly sway bar bushings have a channel to hold the grease rather than just a rough finish, this keeps the bar greased and quiet. The grease zerks make greasing the bar easy without removing it if you do ever need to. Our bar does NOT require any stops to keep it centered as it is shaped the same as the stock bar and self centering.

WMW did extensive testing and found this to be the ideal size as anything smaller was just a waste to put it on. We can tell you the 19mm was so weak it was almost not noticeable. And a 22mm hollow bar is the same stiffness as a solid 19mm so that is why we went with a solid 22mm bar as the rate was perfect.

Kit includes
1 WMW Countryman 22mm sway bar
2 poly sway bar bushings
2 bushing brackets with zerk fittings
1 small tube of sway bar lube


Fits 2011+ Countryman R60
Fits 2011+ Countryman S R60
SKU R60swaybar
Shipping Cost $32.00
Price: $229.95


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Product rating



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Customer Reviews

Author: James
Compared to my Cooper-S with the H-Sport sway bar,
our Countryman needed a little help. Installed this
sway bar with the results being way better stability.
Very happy with my purchase.

Author: Ketan Shah
Installed this on my 2012 Mini Countryman S! As soon as you put it on and drive you feel the difference right away. It makes the car feel 100X more solid! Feels more responsive and precise as well.



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