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Way Motor Works :: 07+ Cooper S (R56) :: Performance :: WMW Performance Blow off Valve

WMW Performance Blow off Valve

WMW Performance Blow off Valve 
Want a little extra for your turbo MINI Cooper S?  WMW has a cheap but effect mod for you.  This is our performance Blow off Valve or also known as diverter valve for your R55, R56, R57 MINI Cooper S.  This is like no other blow off available for the MINI.  Most other valves dump the boost to the atmosphere, this can cause a check engine light since the ecu wants to see the boost get recirculated.  This valve is a direct replacement for the stock blow off valve that recirculates the boost.  It has a stronger spring and actuator allowing it to open and close faster than the standard valve.  This will allow you to build boost faster and on deceleration dump it faster.  This will help eliminate turbo surge.  For the price you can't go wrong.
This valve is not meant for Factory JCW stage 2 Cars, due to the different turbo no gains will be seen using this valve.  We recommend the Forge BOV for the JCW car.

Fits 2007-2010 Cooper S R56
Fits 2008-2010 Clubman S R55
Fits 2009-2011 Cabrio S R57
Shipping Cost $8.00
Price: $84.00


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Customer Reviews

Author: Seth Weaver
I installed this after talking with Way at MTTS 2010. It took about 25 minutes to complete the install in my garage. It works just like Way states. When shifting gears the power was always there!! I don't know how to describe it except that it is literally the best $62 spent on my R56!! Thanks Way!

Author: Woody
There are just some things that need to be done by all R56 S owners, and this is one. Just as Way said, the hesitation/bog I had when shifting under hard acceleration is all but gone. This is is right up there with the torque arm insert as the most cost effective mod you can make. You WILL feel the difference!

Author: Tina Loera
I had the WMW performance Blow off Valve installed at MITM 2010! great MOD for the money! and looks just like oem, so no hassle from the dealer! a stealth install! I love my BOV!! I would suggest every R56 replace the stock with this!!!

Author: OctaneGuy
I installed my valve today and immediately noticed that even without Sport mode enabled, acceleration was improved. In fact, overall acceleration from a standstill in non sport mode was actually fun!

Author: Dwight Walhood
Just installed the diverter valve and it does exactly what I was hoping for. There's no longer ANY delay when backing down in 1st/2nd gears! Before, it would just keep going for 2-3 seconds. Can't wait to get it into the mountains. Thank you WMW!!

Author: Noah
This is a subtle yet noticeable improvement, for sure. Good stuff. However, you should be forewarned: you will lose a bit of fuel economy, unfortunately.

Author: Drew Buck
To add on with what everyone else is saying (i put mine on last night and drove a few miles) the power to the wheels feels alot more refined, i have done all intake upgrades and a catless downpipe and my car climbs even in high gears at low RPM...this part will make you happy but dont expect an entirely new car off of this part alone. ENJOY!!!!!

Author: OPC
This is a great mod! I had been going nuts with the stutter&surge in 1st & 2nd. This smoothed that right out. A real godsend for my tuned MINI. Great job, Way!

Author: gjn25 (Gonzo)
After much thought I finally gave into what my mechanic and Way himself had been telling me forever. this was the best mod I have done for under $100, and my Mini is and auto. This mod is more then just something in my head the shifts are harder and I m braking the tires loose a lot more now that the DV can handle the crazy tune I have. Thank you Way for this one!!!! Worth every penny and easy to install to boot!

Author: John Johnson
I have to say after buying the valve I cant believe the difference. the power delivery is unbelievable I'm making three lbs of boost more then I was before installing the valve. This is a much better upgrade then the JCW upgrade. They may look the same, but make no mistake the part number is definitely shaved off.

Author: Todd G
Great item. I haven't noticed any fuel loss. I have noticed the desire to be in sport mode from the moment of hitting the start button has diminished greatly. No more lag when accelerating! Stop looking and hit the buy button now. WMW has fast shipping and email support. I will buy other products again soon from Way.

Author: Jim C
It's like being in sport mode without pressing the button, definitely smoother acceleration.

Author: gary caspelich (garycaspelich@yahoo.com)
Works great, installs in a few minutes, can feel immediate power especially in turns. Fuel economy is the same. I took apart the old BOV and the spring is pretty weak although both BOVs look the same.

Author: Mike S
This mod is exactly what everyone else said. There is no performance gain. It it's a newer model bov with a tougher spring to keep the boost in the system during shifting so it's always there. I love it, best mod next to the NM torque inserts. You may lose fuel Econ due to your desire to shift at higher rpm due to the more available boost "fun factor" I'd say. Loathe raise this recirc part will do nothing to fuel Econ, it's mostly just how you driveFound myself shifting at 4k through 1st and 2nd



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